Hazel And Thelo-Que's New Single "Shadow" Is A Synth-Pop Dream

by Marcus Carmon

Elijah Cruise, Hannah Cruise and Cale Bramer have done it again.

The track “Shadow” has the band’s trademark synth-pop 80’s sound that puts you in the mind state of good fun and great times. The track is sonically amazing with Hazel’s signature airy sound and chilled-out vibe. It’s Sunday night music -- correction; it’s ANYTIME music. Thelo-Que brings a smooth flow that hits the mark and fits the song like a glove. Perfect combination.

The song is very colorful. I think back to the classic movie The Breakfast Club where high school students spend a Saturday locked in detention. Makes me want to grab a neon green tracksuit and headband and power walk down the street.

Hazel's Elijah Cruise spoke with KMW about the upcoming EP: 

Emotion Synthesis takes you through a few different emotions, topics such as greed (“Welcome To The Suburbs”) nostalgic ‘80s synth-pop anthem speaking on the life of parents (“Young Bat”) highlighting the struggles of bad relationships (“Shadow”) Insecurities (“Magazines”) and "Emotional Synthesis" is about my personal insecurities, anxiety, depression. This EP will be our first official step into music. We go to the studio March 1st-April 28th with Will Carter and hopefully everything will be ready by July 2017 when we will launch our Emotion Synthesis Tour.” - Elijah Cruise

Hazel has a show with Thelo-Que set for Friday March 17th at Modern Studio in Happy Holler. You do NOT want to miss Hazel live.