KMW Premiere: Hear Jubal's Hauntingly Beautiful New Tune "It's Women I Love"

Ooooh we have a video to share with you that we're reeeeally excited about. Knoxville's own Jubal was cool enough to let us debut their new live-recorded video for their song "It's Women I Love."

Jubal's music has a way of making you stop everything you're doing and pay attention. Maybe it's the lyrics, or maybe it's the two distinct, beautiful voices blending together superbly. Pick any number of ways in which their music is compelling. 

Jubal released their sophomore record Warm Regards, earlier this year, and we highly recommend checking that out. "It's Women I Love" is actually not on that record, so favorite this tab if you want to come back and listen to it. 

If you'd like to see Jubal live, they're playing a show in Knoxville on Friday, December 1st at the Laurel Theatre. Taylor and Bonnie will be joined by Matt Nelson on standup bass and Luke Bowers on drums for a full band set. Music starts at 8pm, and tickets are $13 for general admission. Those tickets are on sale now, and you can get them here

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