The KMW Local Music Showcase Returns In November!

Connor Kelly, Kelsi Walker, Small Batch Bourbon, and Thelonious Junk at Awaken Coffee In The Old City on Thursday, November 2nd.

It's been over two years since the last KMW local music showcase at The Square Room in downtown Knoxville's Market Square. In that time, the city has grown, the scene has grown, and there are more talented, young local musicians than ever passionately working to get their music out into the world.   

This showcase has seen bands like Josiah & The Greater Good, Three Star Revival, Handsome & The Humbles, Pale Root, Spades Cooley, Mathien, and so many other great local bands in the past. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to show off more of Knoxville's deep talent pool. 

So without any further ado, here is the info for the next showcase: 

When: Thursday, November 2nd at 8pm

Where: Awaken Coffee in The Old City

How Much: Just $5. That's like $1.25 per band. Probably the best deal ever! 


Kelsi Walker

Kelsi Walker delivers heartfelt songwriting and message of hope through her clean, powerful vocals. 

Connor Kelly

With a voice made for the blues and just a hint of soul, Connor Kelly is poised to Knoxville's next buzzworthy act. 

Small Batch Bourbon

With his looping guitar effects, Small Batch Bourbon blends his acoustic guitar, singer/songwriter presentation with a hip-hop vibe. 

Thelonious Junk

Inspired by both past and modern influences, Thelonious Junk writes music that has the spirit of indie rock and the power of classical.

If you play in a band or as a solo act and would like to be considered for the KMW Local Music Showcase, you can fill out this form with "KMW SHOWCASE," in the subject line. Please provide links to your social media and any streaming services where your music can be found. 

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