Discovery Zone | January Releases From Knoxville Artists

Welcome to the first ever Discovery Zone on Knoxville Music Warehouse. The time has come for a monthly post that puts all the releases by Knoxville artists that you need to know about in one place. In the interest of discovering awesome new local music, we're compiling the best stuff in one post for your listening enjoyment. And you don't even have to worry about drowning in a pit of plastic balls. 

We're also giving out the special honor each month of the Roly Slide of the Month. If you grew up going to Discovery Zone, you remember that amazing moment when you've reached the center of that giant colorful labyrinth to find that bigass roly slide. The reward is a joyous moment of free fall without a care in the world. This is like that with music. 

So without any further ado, here are this months tunes! 

Meob - "New Nouns"

We've been waiting on some official releases from Meob for a while now. The supergroup formed by members of Madre and Gamenight did not disappoint with their first single. "New Nouns" the first song from a record due out soon, and if it's any indication of the rest of the album, it's gonna be rad! 

Mathien - "You Let Me Get Away With It"

Get used to seeing Mathien on this list, because he puts out at least one awesome song each month. He just put out a full-length record in December, and he's already back with a foot-tappin' robust pop track that doesn't skip on the soul. 

SAMDAY with Black Atticus and J-Bush - "The Woods"

Though he's in Nashville now, we still consider SAMDAY a part of the Knoxville hip-hop scene, and the line "East Tennessee, my home away from heaven," would indicate that the feeling is mutual. Good heavens "The Woods" is such a nice track, and Black Atticus and J-Bush both hop on the mic to make this song a force to be reckoned with. 

Ex-Gold - Tour EP

Ex-Gold has put out three rip-roarin' rock songs from their upcoming full-length record. The no-frills punk rockers went out on their first tour this month hitting Atlanta, Nashville, and Asheville. You can buy this three-song set now via Bandcamp for $1,000 or more. 

Branded - "Now"

Branded, the young hip-hop upstart from Jefferson City has already racked up a couple thousand plays on Spotify for his new song "Now." 


Dee Smith - The Night Before

Dee Smith is a relative newcomer to Knoxville hip-hop, and my goodness is his EP The Night Before an excellent introduction. Every single song on here is dope, and the two features are from really talented dudes in Ghstfcv and Benji iii. Pay attention to what this guy is doing. 

Shayla McDaniel - 26 Letters EP

Shayla McDaniel shows off her jazzy pop vocals and songwriting prowess in her new EP 26 Letters. This EP is dynamic enough for the sensibilities of alt-rock and coffee-house singer songwriter fans alike. 


Cam Bean - "Workin"

The walking piano trap beat is the perfect vessel for the endless bars on this track from Maryville's Cam Bean. 

Mr. Ill and Sebastian Campaign - "Celebrate"

On "Celebrate" Mr. Ill and Sebastian Campaign lay down their classic flow down on a low-tempo funk track. 

The Verns - "Island Sounds"

The very first Roly Slide of the Month goes to The Verns for their song "Island Sounds." This song is crazy. The synth and the beat and the CeeLo-esque vocals are a perfect combination. And to my knowledge Knoxville doesn't have anything else quite like this. 

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