Marina Orchestra Dropped The Sountrack For Summer With Wildlands EP

It's like unexpectedly bumping into an old friend you haven't seen in a while; one of the one's you actually want to catch up with anyway. Marina Orchestra dropped a new EP this weekend, and it was a pleasant surprise.

After Justin Powers, Marina Orchestra's frontman, moved to New Orleans several months ago, I thought we were done hearing new music from Knoxville's premier Caribbean trop-rock band. But just in time for summer, look who's coming in hot with some fresh new sounds! 

Tim Eisinger, Alex Stevens, Rachel Gurley, Josh Duncan, and Brad Duncan --- basically Marina Orchestra sans Justin --- currently perform, with all new material, under the name Paperwork. To find out more about Paperwork, you can check out this really cool interview with Luke Brogdon on Blank News and/or like the band on Facebook. We certainly look forward to any single, EP, or full-length album they may have on the horizon as well. 

Wildlands is a four-song EP that features some brand new tracks plus a few that may sound familiar, including a reworking of "Midnight Tonight" off their first album, Take on the Silence. Like so much of Marina Orchestra's past work, it is the perfect song to score your summer vibes. While listening to "Nightmare" on repeat, my mind is longingly taken away to some bar on a tropical beach sipping something with some kind of fruit in it, maybe out of a hollowed out coconut. 

This EP was recorded, mixed, and mastered right here in Knoxville at Rock Snob Records by Erik Nowinski. 

Wildlands is currently available to download for $4. You can purchase it and hear more Marina Orchestra on their Bandcamp