Show Review: Marina Orchestra CD Release


When Knoxville bands celebrate achievements, all of Knoxville parties with them.

Friday night, Marina Orchestra released their second album, “Oceans,” at the Pilot Light to a room of sardined and energetic fans.

Before the mini-symphony took the stage though, Crumbsnatchers began the night. Playing their mash of jam band, psychedelic, punk rock, the band thrashed and jumped and threw themselves into the audience. The Pilot Light is about the size of a suburban garage, but Crumbsnatchers managed to slowly get the crowded room into a swaying mass yelling, “If you guys want to get rowdy, that’s fine with us!” Basically, a perfect prep for what was next.

Before taking the stage, Marina Orchestra set up with two cardboard palm trees and a backdrop with lit up waves setting the mood for the tropical dance party that was to come. After announcing they were going to play the entirety of “Oceans” for their set, bops and grooves immediately responded to the first couple notes. The band’s vocalist, Justin Powers, threw white, plastic glasses into the audience. Fans stage dived. People were knocked down then threw themselves right back into the dancing mass in the middle of the room. Powers even told everyone to stick around after the set because he wanted to get in and dance too. Marina Orchestra’s set was a combination of indie rock and Caribbean intoxication; a concoction that was impossible to stand still to.

The show felt like the entire population of Knoxville crowded into the room to party all night long with one of their musical pride and joys. From the appreciative head bangs with Crumbsnatchers to the open-armed acceptance of Marina Orchestra’s most daring fans, the show was just as much about entertaining the crowd as showcasing Marina Orchestra’s new album.