American Aquarium - Katherine Belle

American Aquarium: The Well 11/20


It's Americana music, but it's a grittier roots-rock version of it; perfect for The Well. Jamie Cook, formerly of The Black Lillies, will be bringing his "acoustic badassness" (according to The Well) to open the show. And as if that wasn't enough, Blue South, which features Knoxville's very own Jonny Sexton will also be playing. That's a full night of good music right there. If you want to hear more American Aquarium before the show, there's plenty to hear on their website.

#MM Apache Relay - When I Come Home

Apache Relay: Nashville, TN



This week's Merica Monday features a band from Nashville that boasts one of the greatest band names of all time. Apache Relay no longer only refers to the climax of everyone's favorite childhood movie about fat camp. It is now also synonymous with bearded roots rockers from Nashville. This video comes from a performance inside the LC King Factory in Bristol earlier this year. If you want to hear more Apache Relay, you can rent Heavyweights or check out their official website